WiFi Calling Platform

  • Easy way to improve the mobile network coverage area
  • Full integration with IMS core and billing

System overview

In case of lack or low signal level of the mobile network, instead of the traditional development of the radio access infrastructure, which requires significant capital investments, it's more effective to use the innovative WiFi Calling service.
Using the stable connection with WiFi access point the subscriber can make calls with usual quality and reliability and pay for services from the main account by common calls tariffs.

Implementing WiFi Calling service will significantly improve the coverage area without huge investments and increase traffic in places where number of calls earlier was minimal.
WiFi Calling solution by PROTEI has developed in full accordance with 3GPP standards and thanks to transparent handover procedure between WiFi and LTE/3G networks no mobile applications required if the mobile terminal supports WiFi Calling option.

The solution supports SWu, SWm, SWx, S2b, S2a, and S6b protocols for full integration with IMS core and existing Operator’s billing system.

Key benefits

  • Easy integration with existing network elements
  • Effective tool for improving speed, reliability and call quality
  • Support of various subscribers’ authorization algorithms, including EAP-SIM and EAP-TLS
  • Convenient management of service access algorithms
  • Services to home users and visitors
  • Embedded tools for creating and managing user profiles 
  • Detailed statistics