Public Warning Alert

  • Contemporary public alert simultaneously by multiple channels
  • Innovative alert technologies with high efficiency

System overview

PROTEI Public Warning Alert system is intended to enable alerts to be aggregated over a network and distributed to the appropriate system for public dissemination. It delivers emergency alerts to the civilian population and to regional emergency services officials through municipal, local and site-based automatic warning systems using different delivery channels.

The system may be deployed as a new component or for modernization of the existing emergency alert systems. It allows to build/upgrade public warning alert systems at all levels to use up-to-date hardware and software technologies and communication channels and connecting all existing alert systems to the single management platform. Public Warning Alert system can help to minimize public warning alert delivery time and optimizing delivering efficiency for any and all individuals located in the affected area by using different alert channels and centralized management system.

Key benefits 

  • Easy integration with external monitoring systems for automatic or automated triggering of emergency alert broadcast
  • Use of Cell Broadcast, SMS, payphone, intercom, digital billboards and other modern communication (alert delivery) channels
  • Outdoor and indoor terminal units for acoustic/speech alerts delivery
  • Fast, easy and flexible deployment
  • Integrated GIS for fast and convenient definition of geographic areas for localized emergency alerts.