Voucher Management System

  • IMS/NGN compatibility 
  • Easily creation of geographically distributed dealer networks

System overview

A fully functional voucher management system allows efficient administration, activation management and control of voucher usage. Also it can be used as the embedded PIN-generator or the external PIN-generation system during the voucher generation.

The system allows controlling and managing parameters like voucher expiry date (life duration), date of voucher transfer to dealer, date of voucher activation that allows efficiently controlling all voucher lifecycle and card resellers’ activities.

The system has convenient and powerful WEB-based administration tools with different access levels that allow easy system integration into existing Operator’s business-processes. Voucher activation via IVR, USSD and SMS or from all center agent workplace is available.

Key Benefits

  • Activate funds by SMS/USSD, online or via Call Center 
  • Full control over all transactions 
  • Powerful account administration controls 
  • Ability to build a geographically distributed system 
  • IVR access 
  • Embedded CDR 
  • Convenient Web interface 
  • Revenue assurance