Private LTE/5G

  • Comprehensive Private LTE/5G turnkey solution 
  • Fully complies with the latest 3GPP standards


The corporate automation segment, M2M / IoT, is the largest consumer of wireless communication services in the near future, and very shortly the number of "non-human driven" devices will significantly exceed the number of ordinary subscribers. At the same time, for the IoT / M2M segment, security and reliable device authentication are critical.

A model called Private LTE / 5G or Campus Networks - a mobile communication network built and operated in the interests of enterprise customers – may be considered as an optimal for servicing such category of users. The use cases for such networks can be very diverse:

  • In Industry 4.0 wireless robots, robotic warehouses and logistics complexes, unmanned vehicles; 
  • In such industries as power generation, power supply, transport;
  • Broadband wireless radio communication technologies (MCPTT services);
  • In a wide variety of traditional industries, from extractive industries to agriculture, facilities without telecom operators' infrastructure;
  • At objects of mass presence of people (Airports, ports, hospitals, stadiums).

Responding to the requirements of the modern telecommunications market, PROTEI offers comprehensive solutions for building Private LTE / 5G networks. The complex provides compatibility with eNodeB and gNodeB of various vendors, which makes possible to organize the construction of Private LTE/5G networks taking into account the national and industry specifics of regulation, as well as taking into account the peculiarities of the object.

Turn-key Private LTE bundle offered by PROTEI, provides the ability to deploy the Private LTE / 5G Option 3 NSA network core in the optimal way, with the ability to scale from hundreds to tens of thousands of devices and subscribers. The composition of the complex depends on the target set of services provided, and may include: basic set of platforms for building the Private LTE / 5G NSA core (SGW, MME, HSS, PGW), PCRF, DPI, IMS, MCPTT, M2M platform.

Key Benefits

  • Full range of core and connectivity management solutions
  • Compliance with 3GPP Rel.15,16 standards
  • Easy adaptation to any customer requirements
  • Third-party hardware compatibility
  • 5G NSA support
  • High security level
  • A wide range of basic and additional services
  • "All-in-one" module option