Signaling Converters

  • Universal solutions for converting different signaling protocols
  • Simple and cost-effective equipment for network elements integration

System overview

The runaway development of the telecommunications industry has led to a wide array of signaling systems, and yet more are sure to come. The PROTEI line of signaling converters ensures seamless integration of modern and next-generation equipment into your network. The well-proven reliability of our solutions makes certain that your installations will deliver the dependability and quality that your subscribers demand.
The following options are supported: SS7-R2, SS7-R1.5 (Russian 2CAS), SS7-PRI, PRI-R2, and PRI-R1.5. On the same platform wide range of small and medium capacity trunk gateways can be implemented: SIP-SS7, SIP-PRI, and SIP-R2. Solution capacity is up to 16E1.

Key benefits

  • Wide range of supported and converted protocols (S7, EDSS1/QSIG, R2, V5, LI)
  • Easy deployment
  • Compact 1U 19” module
  • Low outlay, high returns
  • Remote administration