Voice-Video Mail System

  • High-performance dependable dolution
  • Real ‘Virtual Office’ for every subscriber

System overview

VOICE/VIDEO MAIL subsystem is a updated solution, which helps to generate additional traffic increasing Operator’s revenues. It allows subscribers to receive messages in a mailbox and retrieve them at any time and from anywhere: from home network and roaming networks, from own mobile phone and other phone numbers (e.g. fixed phone). 

In additional to traditional voicemail functionality PROTEI system supports a number of innovative opportunities which qualitatively raise convenience of service usage for the subscriber and promote generation of additional revenues for the Operator.

Videomail subsystem deployment will dramatically increase traditional voice-mail functionality for 3Gusers and provide videocalls capturing when called 3G subscriber is unavailable or out of 3G coverage previewing and retrieving of stored video messages by recipients when returning to3G networks, getting a video message as MMS or e-mail, recording and uploading subscribers personal video.

The solution supports SS7, PRI and SIP, that allows efficiently deploy the platform across the IMS/NGN networks.

Key benefits

  • Traditional functionality with reach additional services
  • Personalization possibilities: different menu structure for different subscriber groups
  • Dynamic mailbox creation
  • Wide range of configurable notifications
  • One-click call back to message sender;
  • Flexible profile management 
  • Horizontally scalable system