STP (Signaling Transfer Point)

  • Powerful routing, screening and SS7 message manipulation solution
  • Carrier grade technology packed with feature rich capabilities

System overview

PROTEI STP is highly effective solution for signaling messages routing. All tasks connected with extra flexible signaling traffic routing, special routing for particular messages, necessity to connect more than one roaming provider can be solved using by PROTEI STP. It’s also a proven solution for deploying active steering platform or SMS Firewall. 

PROTEI STP provides a comprehensive future proof STP supporting legacy SS7 TDM and Next Generation IP SIGTRAN. A mature, proven, carrier grade technology packed with feature rich capabilities and at reasonable cost.

Out of the box PROTEI STP offers a range of benefits and features including flexible routing of particular SS7 messages, solving routing conflicts due to multi-system integrations and thus, rapid service enablement.

As well, PROTEI STP is the suitable choice to lower CAPEX as it provides a flexible pricing model to match budget expectations, scale of deployment and future growth requirements.

Key benefits

  • Flexible routing by SCCP-level parameters
  • Special TT (-s) for outgoing traffic
  • Flexible routes’ redundancy
  • Routing by TCAP operation codes (for MAP & CAP)
  • E1/SS7 or SIGTRAN connectivity
  • Comprehensive web-based GUI for all Administration and Maintenance activities