Roaming Optimisation Suite

  • One solution for two essential tasks
  • Optimal tool for increasing roaming revenues

System overview

Roaming Optimization Suite is a powerful system, consist of 2 subsystems: PROTEI Roaming Optimization and Visitor Retention Subsystem. 

PROTEI Roaming Optimization is an efficient solution that helps to save traffic in the network for calls between two subscribers from another country decreasing cost for roamers and increasing Operator’s revenues. To call another person registered in the same network, using “optimal route”, the foreign subscriber should dial the destination number with special prefix. The systems checks location of the called subscriber and if he/she is found in the same network, the system makes call using optimal routing rules without creating a voice loop via roamers home network.

Visitor Retention Subsystem is targeted to increase Operator’s revenues from inbound roaming services and implements actions targeted to visitors’ retention. The system ensures that roamers do not leave the network due to momentary communication problems like lost of coverage etc. It uses standard MAP Update/Cancel Location procedures to interface with the HPLMN and retain the roamer. 

Key benefits

  • Saving clients loyalty and operators incomes
  • Various routing rules for optimal routing
  • Easy integration with mobile network without interruption of serving
  • Powerful and convenient statistics and CDR generation modules
  • Web-based administration kit 
  • Specialized analytic tools for effective analysis