Virtual Office/MVPN

  • Complete package for providing PBX-like and FMC services
  • Simple integration with any PROTEI Service Platform

System overview

PROTEI Virtual Office Server provides universal solution for PBX-like and FMC services for small/medium corporate customers (Virtual Number, Virtual Call Center, and Virtual Private Network). It also provides intelligent termination hunting functionality for mobile subscribers. 

The service is triggered when the subscriber from any network calls to the service or the customer’s number. Mobile agents provisioned for a specific customer are all monitored and the incoming call is routed to the most suitable agent based on the predefined hunting rules (depending on CgPN, calling and called party location, time schedule etc). Self-service WEB based administration toolkit is available for Virtual number customers. The system supports a number of additional options (IVR, Fax-to-Email etc.) that increase attractiveness of service.

PROTEI Virtual Office Server allows mobile operator to increase revenue providing demanded services for small and medium companies.

Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive online interface
  • Powerful administration systems
  • Integration with Location Based Services Enabler
  • Massive revenue-generating potential
  • Horizontally scalable
  • Flexible scalability
  • SNMP alarm indication
  • Embedded CDR
  • IMS Compatible