Policy Controller (PCRF)

  • Advanced solution regulating policy and charging parameters of mobile subscribers
  • Suitable for 3G and LTE networks

System overview

PROTEI Policy Controller is an intellectual node regulating policy and charging parameters of mobile broadband subscribers in 3G and LTE networks. Equipped with a flexible and easy-to-manage policy decision engine PROTEI Policy Controller allows to implement mobile network operator’s business need in policy and charging rules providing dynamic distribution of limited broadband network resources. 

Policy and charging control in modern networks implies dynamic per-service modification of available bandwidth and money debiting rules during ongoing Internet session depending on the type of service, subscriber profile parameters, subscriber historical data, date and time and commands from external systems like subscriber portal. Besides data channel parameters control PROTEI Policy Controller allows to manage content-filtering rules for the subscribers providing parental control or corporate control services. 

The system supports the following interfaces: Gx-integration with network elements, Sp-interface (Diameter or XML), Rx-interface, Gxc-interface in 3GPP Release R8+.

Key benefits

  • Per-subscriber PCC management
  • Effective bundle management
  • Subscriber notification and provisioning
  • QoS and Charging management
  • Flexible policies with different principles of bundles consumption, renewal, activation and sharing
  • Subscriber management and consumption data collection 
  • Unlimited number of bundles per subscriber