Call Center

  • Well-proven IP based solution
  • Suitable for emergency services needs

System overview

PROTEI Call Center is a new generation cost-effective solution for any companies that provide information, help desk, booking and other similar kind of services. New generation technologies: VoIP and WEB are widely used in PROTEI call center.

Subscriber can access PROTEI call center services by standard way from PSTN/PLMN, from Internet via WEB/e-mail call-back order, by e-mail or by making VoIP call and that gives an opportunity creating geographically distributed call centers.
The system supports unlimited number of the agents’ groups and service access numbers with a possibility to organize any number of services in one system. Several types of call routing algorithms (on the base of dialled number, CgPN, time/day, state of the service queue) and flexible call distribution (including skill level differentiation) are implemented. This allows tuning up the Call Center according to the needs of the particular customer.

The System has embedded call recording and call monitoring systems. Call center Supervisors and System Administrator has efficient tools for service quality monitoring.

Different types of services can be effectively organized using PROTEI Call Center: information services, telephone ordering systems, emergency services, telemarketing, outsourcing etc.

Key Benefits

  • High performance
  • VoIP-technologies
  • Easily scalable with unlimited number of agents
  • Proven reliabiEmbedded Call Back function
  • Remote operator support
  • Reduces call queuing time
  • Meets emergency services standards