Boarder Roaming Gateway

  • Preventing unintentional roaming in border areas
  • Default service for all home netwok subscribers

System overview

As a general rule, subscribers do not proactively change networks during their stay, but in reality, the existence of blind spots, or temporary problems with coverage or particular cells congestion, which may occur in any operator’s network, when coverage momentarily disappears or communication services become unavailable, causes roamers to look for a new network. As a result, along the borders of the home country, subscribers may occasionally roam on a neighboring country’s mobile network, where roaming rates/international call charges are applicable.

To avoid possible claims, increase level of services, enhance customer care and reduce potential cost and losses for the home network operators and subscribers, the home networks would prefer to retain their customers in such situations.

PROTEI Border Roaming Gateway (BRG) is a platform that provides mobile Operators the ability to prevent their own subscribers from accidentally roaming on a foreign network while still within their home country/zone. Using the system helps to avoid possible claims, increase level of QoS, enhance customer care and reduce potential cost and losses for home network Operators and subscribers.

Key Benefits

  • Guaranteed prevention from accidental roaming
  • Seamless for subscriber and cost-effective for Operator
  • Easy configuration and service management
  • SNMP support for alarm notifiction
  • Reliable and field proven solution