Call Completion Suite

  • Complex solution for successful call completion
  • Wide range of services and numerous of combinations

System overview

People need to stay in touch even when they’re not available. Whether its consumer or business use, voicemail has become an expected service by wireless subscribers so they can receive and retrieve their messages at any time and from anywhere. 

PROTEI Call Completion Suite is intended to maximize number of successfully completed calls in Operator’s network by capturing of all unsuccessful calls that usually cannot be successfully completed due to different reasons. Solution includes several services allowing Operator to suite needs of different segments of Operator’s subscriber base. 

PROTEI Call Completion system is a cost-effective, high performance and scalable solution, with a wide range of features to suit both new and existing mobile operators that could be introduced both as an addition to existing voicemail system or as standalone service packet. Solutions integrated with voicemail system are also available. The following services can be implemented basing on this platform: Missed Call Notification,  Notify Me, Call Completio, Video Call Completion,  Video/Voice SMS, Comfortable Jump, Call Collect, Voice Video Mail/

Key benefits

  • Cost-effective, high performance and scalable solution
  • Flexible subscribers’ profile management
  • Useful WEB-administration tool
  • Adantation to specific needs
  • Easy integration with Operator's infrastructure
  • Wide range of additional features
  • Efficient working with CDR and statistics