Sponsored Call

  • Free or discounted calls for subscribers
  • Attractive way for advert distribution

System overview

PROTEI “Sponsored Call Server” system allows end-users, subscribed to specific thematic information channels, to make free or discounted calls while receiving attractive advertisements. When subscriber makes a call, prior to establishing a connection, he/she receives a multimedia promotional audio or video from an advertiser. After that he/she receives different bonuses:

  • certain number of call minutes paid by the advertiser during a call;
  • discount for minutes price;
  • certain number of call minutes paid by the advertiser during a day, week, month etc. 

Advertisement is played only within thematic channels and only to subscribers who have subscribed to it. Subscription can be made by sending SMS/USSD-message to one of the numbers corresponding to the thematic channels or through the IVR using the DTMF-menu. Self-subscription via WEB-interface is also available. Subscriber may be subscribed to several thematic channels simultaneously. Providers of advertising information have convenient Web-interface for managing thematic channels: uploading and deleting their own commercials, viewing statistics. 

Key benefits

  • Subscribers loyalty increase and additional income for Operator
  • Different ways for service order
  • Easy integration and maintenance
  • Extremely flexible settings
  • Unlimited number of advertisers
  • Limits on the total number of commercials or bonuses
  • Daily/monthly individual settings