Missed Call Notification

  • Turn missed calls into profits
  • Keep subscribers in contact all the time, wherever they are

System overview

PROTEI Missed Call Notification System (“Who Called”) is intended to maximize number of successfully completed calls in Operator's network. The system uses SMS to provide mobile subscribers with information about calls they missed when they were out of network coverage, their mobile terminals were switched off or they were otherwise unavailable.

It sends short messages (SMS) with a list of called party numbers. Besides it can notify the calling party when the called party becomes available for incoming calls again ("Notify Me" subservice).

Deployment of the solution increases successful call share that directly increases operator’s revenues. PROTEI Missed Call Notification System is cost-effective, high performance and scalable solution with a wide range of features to suit both new and existing mobile operators and can be deployed as an addition to existing VoiceMail system or standalone service package. Solutions integrated with voice mail system are also available.

Key Benefits

  • An independent system or part Call Completion Suite
  • Flexible subscribers’ profile management
  • Useful WEB-administration tool
  • Easy integration with Operator's infrastructure
  • Wide range of additional features suit both new and existing mobile operators
  • Efficient working with CDR and statistics