Enterprise Unified Communications System

  • Effective solution for digital transformation challenges
  • Full control over industrial safety level


Enterprise UC system is a unique solution designed for increasing the industrial safety level and reliable control over all industrial facilities. The system integrates all automated business systems and monitoring systems within a unified management platform for structuring of data exchanges and accelerating all business processes. As a result, the existing scattered infrastructure is successfully transformed into innovation corporate ecosystem.

This is an important step towards a comprehensive digital transformation, and therefore to achieving maximum corporate performance. The system can be easily adapted to requirements of specific corporate services and business processes already used.

Key Benefits 

  • Innovative solution with wide and proven functionality
  • Monitoring of the situation at all corporate levels
  • Comprehensive control over production processes
  • Role-based access policy
  • Full security and confidentiality guarantees
  • Modular structure
  • Maximum use of existing infrastructure
  • Extensive integration and analysis capabilities
  • Maintaining extensive statistics and reporting tools