OCS Platform for MVNO/MVNE

  • Accounting, charging and billing solution targeted to MVNO/MVNE
  • Full functional advanced system

System overview

PROTEI OCS is an on-line charging system, fully functional automatic accounting, charging and billing solution supporting all functions related with subscriber accounts registration and management, real-time service charging etc. Due to rating engine capabilities system may be efficiently deployed by MVNEs and shared among several MVNOs built on such MVNE. 

The basic functions of PROTEI OCS are accounting and charging of all kind of telecom services consumed by prepaid subscribers, subscriber management functions including order processing for subscription and unsubscription for the services, administrative management, and rate plan management with unlimited number of tariff plans. 

PROTEI OCS supports such features as inventory functions related to prepaid packets sales support, working with dealers (including convenient API or WEB-interfaces for dealers and/ or MVNOs), interacting via RADIUS or DIAMETER (Gy) with external latforms (like PCEF/DPI, GGSNs, WiFi Service Gateways) for real-time charging of data services, integration with external customer care platforms (Voucher management systems, IVRs). Subscribers’ accounts may be recharged using vouchers, airtime transfer or by credit card payments collected through external systems (payment gateways, terminals, ATMs etc). 

Key benefiits

  • Effective accounting and charging of any telecom services
  • Not limited “pay-as-you-go” charging and service bundles. 
  • Time-based, event-based, volume-based and service-based charging
  • Convenient APIs for integration with external systems 
  • Fully functional financial module available 
  • Flexible and power statistical reporting and generation tools