Voice Quality Control for Roamers and SIM Box Detection

  • Real-time monitoring of voice channel for roamers
  • Enhanced SIM Box Detection functionality

System overview

Voice Quality Control system allows Operators to automatically test speech quality in a simple way for meeting customers’ needs and organizing KPI’s. ITU-T-based speech pattern comparison and quality estimation according with P.862 ITU-T Recommendation is performed in the system.

Additionally to voice quality testing this platform allows to verify transparent CLI transition between Operator’s network and the network of roaming partner. The system also supports SIM Box detection functionality for comparison of CLI information sent by the calling party and the one received by called party. SUP-based and CAMEL-based methods for CLI verification are supported.

Key benefits

  • Effective QoS monitoring
  • Easy integration with network elements
  • Notification in case of quality decrease
  • CLI verification support
  • Flexible configuration