SMS Welcome and Roaming Tariff Advisor

  • The best customer care and loyalty increasing tool
  • «Fit and forget» solution for MNO/MVNO of any size

System overview

PROTEI SMS Welcome system is a very efficient tool for mobile Operators to provide range of services both for subscribers when they are in roaming in foreign networks and for foreign subscribers registered in the network of the mobile Operator. 

”Welcome SMS” and “Bon Voyage SMS” services allow subscribers to receive different kind of information: about the network where subscriber got registered now, about the country, prices for the main services, etc. 

The system supports flexible delivery scenario, dynamic content delivery, SMS language management depending on the home country of the visitor, network and subscriber black lists. The system interacts with SMSC via SMPP v.3.4 protocol. PROTEI SMS Welcome increase loyalty of subscribers and roamers. 

Roaming Tariff Advisor can add an extra-value to traditional “Bon Voyage SMS” service. This SMSbased service allows Operators to send roaming tariff information to subscribers according their visited location and prevent the possible risk of losing clients due to “unexpected” roaming costs.

Key Benefits:

  • Fast and easy deployment
  • Convenient Web-interface
  • Group and individual user options
  • Scenario management
  • Multi-language support
  • "Bon Voyage" and «Tariff Advisor» SMS functionality
  • Dynamically formed content