Session Boarder Controller (SBC)

  • All completed solution for maintaining secure SIP trunks and user access
  • Unified platform that combines the SBC and media controller

System overview

SBC (Session Border Controller) is one of IP-network key element intended for protecting the internal networks based on NGN/IMS architecture.
PROTEI-SBC is hardware-software complex designed for subscriber access management in VoIP network of fixed or mobile operators. It can guarantee effective protection of IP-network core and provide a wide range of additional features required at the access level, including flexible traffic management, redundancy and QoS. PROTEI-SBC performs the functionality of session border controller in a multi-service network and routes VoIP calls from external IP-networks to the switching core. It is based on current IT-technologies and can work with any IP terminals and devices.

PROTEI-SBC provides in two modifications - I-SBC (works between telecom networks) and A-SBC (functions between the carrier network and the end user).

I-SBC is a session border controller that works between networks. It includes IBCF, TrGW (IBGF), IMS-ALG/IMS-AGW functions in IMS-architecture.

A-SBC is a session border controller that works between the carrier network and end users. It includes P-CSCF, E-CSCF, IMS-ALG/IMS-AGW functions in IMS-architecture.

Key benefits

  • Effective tool for reducing costs, space and power consumption
  • Support a wide range of third-party IP devices
  • Powerful system of interaction and support SIP normalization functionality
  • Support for routing mechanisms to for seamless interconnection of networks
  • Protection of the external interface from DoS-attacks, fraud and interception via IP
  • QoS management for VoIP
  • Backup mode support
  • Horizontal scaling