Mobile Number Portability

  • Cost-effective MNP service 
  • Full compliance with internatioanal standards

System overview

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is the ability for a mobile subscriber to change the GSM subscription network within the same country whilst retaining her original MSISDN or MSISDNs. It is one of the key aspects of deregulation in telecommunications and a technical challenge in almost all countries. 

PROTEI-MNP Solution implements Mobile Number Portability functionality according to the requirements of the appropriate ETSI standards. Either embedded NPDB or external database can be used for service provisioning. System complies with EN 301715, 301716 (GSM 03.66), so PROTEI MNP operates as MNP SRF functional element.

Key benefits

  • Full functional MNP solution 
  • Easy multi-scenario deployment
  • Advanced administration and maintenance interfaces
  • Adaptation to local features and requirements 
  • Embedded database or external