Cell Broadcast Center

  • Convenient tool for distribution geographically dependent information
  • Provision of standard and interactive broadcast services

System overview

Cell Broadcast is a one-to-many geographically focused messaging service. PROTEI Cell Broadcast center helps Operators and service providers to distribute geographically dependent information directly to subscribers’ handsets across the networks using GSM/LTE Cell Broadcast technology. The System supports open JSON-based interface for content-providers and other services managing broadcast campaigns. Broadcasting will be addressed to all subscribers in the particular geographical segment of Operator’s network (set of Cell ID, set of LAC, TAC etc) as determined in the system configuration for particular information channel. 3GPP interfaces are supported for interaction with BSC (TS 48.049), RNC(TS 25.419) and eNodeB (TS 29.168). 

Service architecture and commands are implemented in strict accordance with 3GPP 23.041 with extensions defined in ETSI TS 102 900 that allows to use the system not only for technology or marketing broadcasts but also as a part of public warning alert systems being such concept deployed in the particular country. System may be integrated with PROTEI xVLR solution to enable maximum flexibility and variety of broadcasting channels.

Key benefits

  • Messages can be saved until broadcast
  • Scheduled message sending
  • Integration with external content providers via SMPP
  • Standard interface
  • Network architecture with load balancing
  • User-friendly administration
  • Alarm reports
  • Flexible system configuration