Smart/Safe City

  • Creating full smart city ecosystem
  • Identifying potential vulnerabilities and threats, prediction threats

System overview

The Smart/Safe integrated information system and information exchange bus for emergency response unit is a turn-key solution to address public safety, law and environmental protection at municipal, regional and country-wide levels. 
The solution includes the following main subsystems and modules

  • Unified information system for emergency response unit allowing receiving, tracking and management of emergency tickets from the variety of systems (112/911, ecological monitoring, CCTV/video analytic system etc)
  • Information exchange bus
  • Decision support subsystem
  • Emergency analytic/emergency forecasting system

PROTEI Smart/Safe city solution is intended for creating advanced smart city ecosystem, identifying potential vulnerabilities and threats, identifying and prediction of current and potential threats related to public safety of the municipality/city/province threats, optimization of the coordination between all participants during handling/elimination of emergencies, enabling communications between participants of all existing public safety initiatives through the unified bus. 

Key benefits

  • Complete solution with wide and proven functionality
  • Customizable APIs for easy integration with external systems (public warning alert, ecological monitoring etc)
  • Easy adaptation to needs of specific public safety services and business processes already used by safe city stakeholders
  • Powerful analytic and forecasting tools for emergency response services optimization based on big data analysis and mathematical models.
  • Full integration with the existing systems
  • Highly flexible, scalable platform