Call Back

  • New possibilities for increasing revenue
  • Convenient way for order calls via SMS or USSD

System overview

PROTEI Call Back Server provides convenient and efficient way to access the telecommunications services for non-CAMEL roaming subscribers. Calls can be ordered by sending SMS or USSD messages. The number of redial attempts can easily be set by the operator. System supports flexible routing functions, powerful policy management (including subscriber location analysis) and open interface (CAMEL, DIAMETER or XML) for integration with the third-party Prepaid platforms.

Seamless callback option enables to increase service usage convenience for the Customers. Using standard CAMEL capabilities system helps subscriber to avoid the necessity to use complicated USSD sequences to invoke the service. With seamless option the user can dial the called number as usually; system will automatically convert such call into callback. PROTEI Call Back can make repeated attempts to call the requested number if there is no answer.

Key Benefits

  • SMPP for requests from SMS/USSD gateway
  • Internet call requests by email or WEB-interface
  • SMS-alert to calling party if call cannot be made
  • Trouble-free integration with Operator's infrastructure
  • Flexible WEB-administration tool
  • Statistics and CDR logging