Real-time Data Charging

  • Integration with any GSM network regardless of existing equipment
  • DIAMETER-proxy functionality and adaptation to any billing system

System overview

PROTEI Real-Time Charging Gateway helps Operators to optimize and simplify on-line authentication/authorization and charging procedures for many services such as data traffic charging including broadband data traffic charging (WiFi, xDSL and so on). The wide range of supported interfaces means the platform can be integrated into practically any GSM/UMTS network.

The platform supports all functionality need for smooth integration of different platforms and easy deployment of on-line authentication and charging capabilities for any services being delivered on those platforms. The platform supports such functions as authentication, access and accounting for data sessions controlled by 3GPP or non-3GPP broadband access equipment, both fixed and wireless, real-time charging of data sessions controlled by broadband access equipment, both for home subscribers and roamers, volume-based or time-based charging of data sessions, call-based charging for voice services such as VoIP calls served by non CS-core call control components.

System supports various methods for subscriber authentication and authorization: authorization using WEB-portal using MSISDN and one-time passwords requested by IVR, SMS or USSD and/ or vouchers, EAP-SIM/EAP-AKA authentication etc.

Key Benefits

  • Real-time charging of all types of data and messaging services
  • Per-session or per-call subscriber authorization and charging
  • Volume-based or time-based charging and billing using the operator's main billing system
  • RADIUS, DIAMETER, HTTP, IACC and proprietary protocols support
  • Diameter-proxy functionality
  • Authorization by WEB-interface or by MAC-address
  • CDR generation