CAMEL Gateway/Proxy

  • Efficient tool for supporting operator-specific services in GSM/3G/IMS networks
  • Embedded CAMEL-proxy functionality

System overview

PROTEI CAMEL gateway allows to manage telecommunications services in GSM/3G/IMS networks by service logic application defining call, SMS and data session scenarios using API. CAMEL-gateway allows efficient deployment of wide range of IN services in any CAMEL-enabled network, both for prepaid and postpaid subscribers. Together with service logic applications may be created/delivered by PROTEI, service provider or operator’s experts CAMEL-gateway operates as fully functional SCP delivering flexibility and convenience in new services creation and deployment. 

The system allows real-time controlling voice call, SMS- and GPRS-sessions in GSM networks, using service logic applications. Convenient Service Creation Environment being an additional component of CAMEL-gateway allows easy service creation and service tuning for wide range of VAS. Embedded CAMEL-proxy functionality allows PROTEI CAMEL Gateway to be easily integrated into existing IN networks, allowing new services to be deployed with no disruption to the delivery of previously available services.

Such services as black and white lists, inbound consumption counting, number translation, mobile VPN, and others can be efficiently deployed basing on PROTEI CAMEL-gateway/proxy.

Key benefits

  • Fast and simple IN services deployment
  • Convenient service creation environment
  • Horizontal scalability and easy integration with existing SCP
  • Wide range of IN services support
  • Network architecture with load balancing 
  • SIGTRAN support
  • Suitable for any size of mobile network