Softswitch class 4

  • Advanced solution to provide high quality of VoIP calls and reduce cost
  • Scalable well-proven system

System overview

Quality and reliability of the network depends directly on Softswitch choice. PROTEI Transit Softswitch class 4 solution is one of the most efficient options for development of NGN/IMS network. Due to support of a range of signaling protocols the system may be easy integrated to any types of networks and delivers any telecom services globally.

PROTEI imSwitch4 is a key element for building large NGN/IMS networks. It provides call routing through international networks and then transfers the information to class 5 softswitches and IP PBXs serving particular local areas for calls completion. The solution ensures VoIP carriers and international corporations benefit the most from installation of Softswitch class 4 that can deliver carrier grade VoIP services. A combination of Softswitch class 4 and 5 functionalities using the single hardware-software platform can reduce Operator’s time and money expenses.

PROTEI imSwitch4 provides intelligent call routing and allows setting virtually any needed routing parameters. According to Calling Party and Called Party Numbers as well as to many other parameters the system supports routing trees creating functionality. System throughput is up to 500 CAPS per dual-core server.

Key benefits

  • Flexible increasing of system capacity
  • Intelligent load sharing and traffic distribution capabilities
  • LI functionality (can be adapted according to national requirements)
  • Embedded LCR
  • API for Call Routing
  • Powerful system of data collection and analysis
  • Friendly-user Interface for remote administration, monitoring and management