Wi-Fi Offload

  • Wi-Fi domain integration into the 3G / 4G network infrastructure
  • Cost-effective reuse of Wi-Fi network resources

System overview

The increasing demand of Internet access forces mobile Operators to make huge investments to networks infrastructure. Wi-Fi technology is great alternative for Operators for providing high-speed Internet access to substitute the limited resources of 3G/4G or LTE spectrum. Wi-Fi resources reusing is apparently the best way to satisfy the demand for high-speed connection.

PROTEI WIX is an advanced market-proven WiFi offloading solution allowing mobile network Operators to organize access by means of WiFi domain integration into the network infrastructure. The platform enables mobile operators not only to offload broadband traffic, but also allows inter-standard roaming, giving subscribers the unique capability to receive calls and SMS on their own phone number while registered in WiFi network via VoIP technology.

With the help of WIX platform Operators can deploy bandwidth-efficient FMC services, providing corporate clients with the ability to use WiFi inside the office and 3G/4G outside with the same MSISDN and the same billing account in both networks. WIX platform is also capable of integration with WLAN aggregators which allows subscribers to use Wi-Fi worldwide while paying for the service from home network account (WiFi roaming). The platform provides real-time charging of data transmission and voice calls, withdrawing credit from subscribers main mobile account. 

Key benefits

  • Account creating via self-service system, SMS or IVR
  • Service access for GSM / Wi-Fi networks subscribers
  • Various user authentication options (WEB portal services, scratch card, SMS, IVR, EAP-SIM or EAP-TLS)
  • Convenient built-in user account
  • Dynamic control of session parameters
  • Integration with partner networks and roaming partners
  • Tariffing according to user location