IMS Core

  • Effective tool to reduce costs for launching and maintaining perspective IP Services
  • Virtualized solution deployable in Cloud/NFV environment

System overview

PROTEI develops IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) products as multi-platform applications which form the mobile services core network. PROTEI IMS solutions can be easy deployed on various hardware devices/servers and cover full range of voice services for subscribers, for example RCS. PROTEI IMS product range includes Proxy-Call Session Control Function(P-CSCF), Serving/Interrogating Call Session Control Function (S/I-CSCF), HSS, AS, MGW.

PROTEI IMS solutions focus on voice and video calls with high audio quality, low delays and high reliability. The high-speed data transmission can be also used while talking. In some cases, IMS Core deploying assumes much investment in the first phase. However, NFV technology using in PROTEI IMS Core allows to use existing resources for launching small vIMS systems with minimum expenses and forces from the Operator. The solution developed in fully compliance with3GPP International Specifications TS 23.228, TS 23.218, TS 23.229, TS 24.229, TS 29.228, TS29.229, TS 29.949.

All PROTEI IMS Core element supports full set of 3GPP interfaces, that allows to integrate PROTEI solution into any network environment.

Key Benefits

  • Compliance with 3GPP standards
  • Simultaneous voice and data, effective migration to all-IP
  • Multi-scenario deployment
  • Distributed architecture
  • Flexible licensing scenarios
  • Easy integration with external HSS and GGSN/PGW
  • Advanced administration and maintenance interface