Steering of Roaming Platform

  • Fully compliant with applicable ETSI standards and GSMA regulations
  • Flexible network selection management

System overview

Steering of roaming system enables powerful and flexible network selection management to encourage the “right“ roaming network choice for subscribers (Steering of Roaming concept). PROTEI  Steering platform developed in accordance with 3GPP standards and   efficiently covers many business and commercial tasks related to outbound roaming optimization

Registration procedure control for outbound roamers is performed in full accordance with IR-73 that is main GSMA regulation document related to the steering services and allows the most efficient deployment of Steering of Roaming services as well as influencing roaming partners with a view to optimizing roaming agreements and providing required QoS. Steering procedure may be based on several network selection criteria like network priority, roaming KPI, traffic proportions etc.
PROTEI Steering platform is able to solve a variety of additional tasks like profile management for outbound roamers. Diameter front-end enables LTE traffic handling to deliver steering services for LTE network. PROTEI Steering Platform supports Border Roaming Prevention functionality giving mobile operators the ability to prevent their own subscibers from accidentally roaming on a foreign network while still within their home country/zone.

Key Benefits

  • Flexible network selection management in real-time mode
  • Steering procedure may be based on several network selection criteria
  • Effective roaming traffic structure analysis
  • Compatibility with any external SIM-based roaming management systems
  • Subscriber profile modification functionality
  • Efficient roaming traffic analysis tools
  • API for integration with external platforms