NGN/IMS Solutions

  • Carrier class field proven solutions
  • Reliable and cost-effective hardware and software platform

NGN/IMS Solutions

PROTEI NGN/IMS equipment is high-quality, industry-grade systems enabling the Operator to launch the full range of NGN services with specified QoS. Our systems are the best choice for Operators aimed to create or migrate their network to IP technology.

PROTEI offers a full line of carrier-class equipment for providing both switching services and VAS. Softswitches Class 4,5, VoIP gateways, Access equipment, IP-PBX, service platforms designed by PROTEI have been installed in networks of Operators.

Our NGN/IMS product line provides not only a major increase in range and quality of services available to subscribers but also brings about a considerable reduction of network Operating costs.

Key benefits

  • More than 1000 installations all over the world
  • Hardware and software developed by PROTEI
  • Embedded LI-functionality
  • Easy integration and adaptation to customers’ needs
  • Virtual environment or Operator’s hardware
  • Horizontal scaling
  • High reliability without single “failure point”
  • Free-of-charge initial training