Location Based Services Platform

  • Effective usage of Cell ID technology
  • Guaranteed compatibility with wide range of BS and terminal equipment

System overview

PROTEI Location Based Service platform gives an Operator possibility to provide a wide range of Value-Added services, using information about the current geographic location of the mobile terminal. 

Using PROTEI LBS the Operator can easily introduce very popular services like parental control, transport monitoring, navigation (calculating optimal route to destination), searching for nearest café (cinema, restaurant, police etc.). In comparison to other solutions, services based on PROTEI LBS can be provided to any subscriber regardless of mobile terminal model. The system supports two location methods: Cell ID and Cell ID+ and reaches accuracy up to 100 meters.

The system enables flexible access policy management, on-line charging of location requests initiated by service providers, CDR generation and integration with both operator’s radio-planning systems and external geo-information systems (GIS).

Key benefits

  • Wide range of unique and useful LB-services
  • Convenient interface for content providers
  • Accuracy up to 100 m
  • Powerful maintenance and reports system
  • Convenient interface for content providers
  • Simple implementation
  • Fully functional SMPP
  • Standard interface