Call Collect

  • Call independently from balance level
  • Highly effective way to increase traffic and subscribers loyalty

System overview

It is a typical situation when subscriber trying to make urgent and important call but network rejects this call due to insufficient balance on subscriber’s mobile account. Such calls form more or less visible part in statistic of any mobile network. On the other hand it is highly probable that person to whom the caller is trying to call will recall him if the caller will have possibility to inform the caller somehow about this situation. Mobile Operator that will give to its subscribers such possibility will get more revenues instead of money loss. 

With PROTEI Call Collect system Operator can easily provide this opportunity to all its subscribers. The solution oriented to Operator’s private customers gives them unique possibility to be reachable when their balance is not enough to make outbound calls. 

PROTEI Call Collect solution allows subscribers to request any subscriber in any mobile network to recall him or to recharge his account or to make a calls to
destination subscriber when all call expenses are to be paid by called party.

Key benefits

  • Additional features support (counters/limitations,  prepaid/postpaid distinguishing, white”/”black” lists)
  • Forced location determination support
  • Easy deployment 
  • Flexible configuration
  • Adaptation and settings due to actual needs