Diameter Real-Time Mediation (DRA)

  • Effective online and offline mediation
  • Suitable for 3G, IMS and LTE networks

System overview

Diameter traffic will accelerate quickly with the increasing of LTE and IMS network rollouts, which could create congestion, scalability and interoperability issues at the signaling layer. These issues may be especially important and complicated for Operators taking into account that as a protocol Diameter is not well defined and some education in the industry will be required to make the best use of it. There are a lot of extensions to Diameter that may lead to interoperability problems also. 

PROTEI Diameter Real-Time Mediation Platform (DRTM) enables single connection point for all Diameter-based entities interacting within Operator’s network. The new network element is called the Diameter Real-Time Mediation Platform (DRTM) and it helps Operators manage services and applications on 3G and all-IP LTE and IMS networks. PROTEI DRTM centralizes routing, traffic management and load-balancing tasks to create an architecture that enables Operator’s IMS and LTE networks to grow incrementally to support increasing service and traffic demands. The DRTM deployment reduces the complexity of connecting, provisioning and interoperating essential Diameter-based equipment.

Key benefits

  • Interaction with billing and prepaid platforms of didderent vendors
  • Management of the service packages
  • CDR generation
  • Standards compliance
  • Integration with external systems