SS7 Firewall

  • Multifunctional reliable firewall for SS7 networks
  • Prevention of any network and subscriber attacks

System overview

PROTEI SS7 Firewall is intended to help operators in monitoring, controlling and managing SS7 traffic with other national and/or international operators, carriers and other telecom services providers. PROTEI SS7 Firewall is designed to detect and handle unexpected or unconventional SS7 messages through applying appropriate MTP, SCCP, TCAP and MAP policing rules.

Furthermore, and in order to assure full SS7 protection capabilities, PROTEI SS7 Firewall adopts the GSMA definition of SS7 attacks specified in GSMA IR.82 and in updates to specifications from the GSMA Fraud and Security Group (FS.11, FS.07, IR.70, and IR.71).

PROTEI SS7 Firewall supports several network protection approaches: Monitoring and Alerting, Basic Policing Rules, Advanced Policing Rules.

The system is an effective tool for preventing network and subscriber oriented SS7 attacks such as spamming and flooding, fraud generation, tracking, Identity theft, DoS or Illegal interception. PROTEI SS7 Firewall can be easily upgrade to serve SMS-FW functionalities.

Key benefits

  • Guaranteed prevention of network attacks OKS№7 (spam, flood, fraud)
  • Reliable barrier against subscribers’ SS7 attacks (tracking, identity theft, DoS, interception)
  • Flexible routing and policy management individually for each SS7 connection
  • Wide range of filtering criteria for SS7 messages 
  • Personalized black and white lists
  • Support of GSM MAP phase I, II, III, HSL, SIGTRAN and SNMP