PROTEI participates in Redknee project for DIGITEL BSS network transformation

Redknee and PROTEI

Expanding its international presence PROTEI completed its voice platform delivery and deployment for a BSS transformation project being implemented by Redknee for DIGITEL in Venezuela. Redknee, a provider of real-time monetization and subscriber management solutions and services, managed the project at Digitel Venezuela as the System Integrator.

PROTEI IVR was chosen because of the flexibility of the proposed solution, SIP connectivity, simplified integration with the network core, as well as supporting a user-friendly graphical service creation environment and minimizing time-to-market for services launched from the platform. PROTEI IVR supports features such as call back and calling cards at Digitel Venezuela. Redknee performs the charging for both services, as they seamlessly integrate into the Redknee real-time monetization and subscriber management platform installed at Digitel.
In the future, as necessary, the Operator's specialists can do all necessary modifications expanding the list of services, modifying service logic and introducing new voice services based on the same platform.

Venezuela becomes 24th country in the world and 3rd country in Latin America where PROTEI products and solutions had been successfully launched.

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