PROTEI VAS and roaming bundles deployed in MegaCom Kyrgyzstan

PROTEI has completed deployment of several powerful solutions in the network of Kyrgyzstan mobile market leader MegaCom. Roaming bundle consists of PROTEI Roaming Steering Platform, Welcome SMS platform, Border Roaming Gateway, Roaming Assistant, Seamless Callback and the platform for signaling connectivity optimization and traffic processing. With this new bundle MegaCom gets better control over roaming service delivery, range of important statistical information as well as improved customer experience leading to better loyalty.

VAS bundle includes several revenue generating services such as Comfortable Jump (information about new number for subscriber migrating from one operator to another one in non-MNP enabled countries) and Call Collect services (call for B-party expenses). MegaCom and PROTEI cooperation is successfully continued since 2005.

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