HUMANS entrusted PROTEI to launch the network core

PROTEI Humans 2021

HUMANS group of companies has brought a new era of ICT projects in Uzbekistan. The next-generation social media platform HUMANS combines functionality of mobile network, financial services, online marketplace and cashback options. PROTEI was responsible for the mobile segment, starting from technical project and upon network core launching into commercial operation in September 2020. By March 2021 more than 500 000 active subscribers use HUMANS services.

PROTEI product line, long-term implementation experience, successfully implemented projects in Uzbekistan and pricing policy were considered as optimal for this ambitious project. An ordinary task of mobile network core launching was significantly challenged by complex integrations with other HUMANS platform components. PROTEI team successfully offered reasonable solution for that using wide integration capabilities of PROTEI products and solutions.

According to the contact, PROTEI has delivered STP, DRA, SMS/USSD center, OTA server, ADC (Device configuration platform), Steering of Roaming and Multi-IMSI Roaming platforms, SMS Firewall, I-SBC and GGSN/PGW. Thus, almost all traffic routing, interactions between networks and their components, roaming services, SMS/USSD services and packet data transmission are carried out by PROTEI solutions.

All platforms were launched under quarantine measures and restrictions in just 4 months thanks to the high professionalism of HUMANS and PROTEI engineers and flexible ways of solving problems. Tight deadline, non-standard tasks and wide project scope have become features of that complicated deployment. Due to well-coordinated work of our teams the project was successfully implemented in time and wide range of innovative services became available to HUMANS subscribers. It was a unique experience for both companies.

According to Vladimir Freinkman, PROTEI VP Marketing and Business Development, “From the very beginning, HUMANS had a very daring technical idea which is a symbiosis of financial and telecom services based on a unified platform. There were no such projects in our reference list yet, but PROTEI has expert knowledges and a wide range of mobile solutions. We are grateful to HUMANS group for this new experience and are proud to be an important part of such a great project.”

Vladimir Dobrynin, HUMANS director noted the high PROTEI contribution of the project: “We are fully satisfied with our cooperation level with PROTEI team. It fully meets our expectations in all areas. We look to the future with great optimism and confidence with such a reliable partner!"

The number of active HUMANS users is expected to reach 2 million by the end of 2021. With PROTEI products and solutions, the operator got a contemporary tool for providing innovative services, whereas PROTEI confirmed its status of world-class infrastructure vendor.

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