New installation of PROTEI DPI-platform


PROTEI has successfully completed DPI-platform installation for MegaCom, the leading telecom operator in Kyrgyzstan. The platform was launched for optimizing usage of network resources and broadening range of VAS-services for MegaCom subscribers.

Installation of DPI-platform allowed the operator to realize new stage of its technological development plan. The supplier was chosen because of successful results of an eight-year cooperation between PROTEI and MegaCom.

Key features of PROTEI DPI-platform are: easy integration with different types of networks (mobile or fixed including LTE), flexible policy management and high performance due to unique algorithms of hardware data flow processing.

Nowadays, PROTEI DPI-platform is working in common mode and serving all commercial traffic. So the operator has received a new effective tool for network resources distribution, and PROTEI significantly has expanded its experience in implementation and maintenance of Deep Packet Inspection solutions in the existing network.

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