Telecommunication Solutions
Impossible Just Takes Longer to Design


Location Based Services

The system allows creating groups of broadcasts (for specific LAI or Cell ID) and sending territory-dependent information to subscribers. Integration with GIS and digital maps is supported for the most convenient system administration and campaigns creation.

Flexible Personnel Management

Different privileges and access rights for flexible personnel management:
Technical stuff: Administrator
Management stuff: Supervisor
Customer Care stuff: Agent

Using xVLR it’s easy to give tasks, track and assess the performance of Customer Care staff and all transactions are under control, logged into event database.

Easy Subscribers' Management

xVLR allows to manage manually or automatically lists of subscribers: Attached to network, Detached, Called by the Customer Care stuff.

“Black”/”white” lists of subscribers are supported and updated in real-time mode.

Extended System of Notifications

xVLR allows managing notifications to email, via SMS:
Customer gets SMS as soon as he is attached and feels his importance.
Agent gets email/SMS notification as soon as the special customer is attached and reacts quickly.
Supervisor get an email/SMS notification about special customers and controls the Customer Care stuff efficiency.


Integration with external systems to provide specific promotions for different lists of subscribers (e.g. Bonus Management System) using API.


The system is compatible with any core vendor supporting MAP-NOTE-MM-EVENT procedure – low precision – VLR only.

Scaling and Customization

Architecture with horizontal scaling for all platforms allows cost efficient solution deployment, growing according to network expansion and provide high reliability without single “failure point”. All solutions are highly customizable and can be adopted to Customer needs.