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• Unique solution for location-based SMS notification

• Powerful tool for collecting information about location and registrations of GSM/UMTS subscribers

PROTEI xVLR is a carrier class contemporary system for collecting information about location and registration of subscribers of GSM/UMTS network

The main purpose of the solution is the realization of technological ability to process, store, update and transmit to external applications information about location and movement of the subscriber. This made PROTEI xVLR a powerful solution for territory-dependent SMS notification.

Integration with geographic information system(GIS) allows selecting the broadcasting area on a digital map with automatic conversion of the selected area into a list of Cell IDs or Location Area by means of the broadcast management subsystem.

Implementing API on the basis of HTTP/XML for interaction with external applications makes such integration fast, easy and flexible.

New services can be offered by mobile operator to their corporate or advertising clients: any company can make a mass advertizing distribution in the area where the company is located. Additional criteria can also be chosen basing on information available from Operators CRM system, e.g.:

  • Average revenue per user (ARPU) for one subscriber. (Subscribers could be ranged according to this sum of money and informed according to marketing program for a specific segment of buyers)
  • The distribution can be made for a list of company`s clients, when they appear in the company location area
  • In order to prevent sending messages to subscribers that opted out of the distribution, the system provide keeping black lists of subscribers.

Integration with GIS and powerful statistics system makes PROTEI xVLR career class multicriteria tool for targeting mass distribution.

Key Benefits

  • Huge possibilities for tracking of particular subscribers, control of targeted areas
  • Possibility to inform all subscribers registered in particular area (LAC/Cells)
  • Easy way to collect information about most of handovers without installation huge passive monitoring system in every point of the network
  • Forced paging to verify subscriber location before bulk messaging (optional)
  • Collecting unique information about subscribers’ behavior and network utilization