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Voucher Management System


  • Provision of local, intercity and international telephony services
  • Service access from DTMF terminals
  • Creation of tariff zones and tariff plans
  • Control over call processing logic
  • Tariffication according to CallerID information
  • Supports various card categories
  • Interactive voice prompt system
  • Statistics and call record logging
  • Pre-pay card support
  • Block brute-force PIN hacking attempts
  • Redundant database
  • Web maintenance

Account recharging via voice services

PROTEI Voucher Management System allows your subscribers to recharge their accounts from their own telephone as well as from any tone-dial phone.

Account recharging via non-voice services

Subscribers can top up their own accounts, as well as the account of any other subscriber of the same network, by sending an SMS or USSD request with a PIN code to a service number. Accounts can also be recharged from a special website.

Account recharging via operator

Subscribers can recharge their accounts via service center operators.

Distributed system

The prepay card system allows distributed systems with card roaming to be built, giving your subscribers the ability to recharge their accounts while in roaming.


PROTEI Voucher Management System can bar a specific telephone number from accessing the service after several consecutive unsuccessful attempts to enter a PIN code from that number, protecting you from fraud.


Additional profit can be generated from placing adverts on cards, and can also be a useful marketing tool for the operator, for example to advertise new services.

Card Status

Information about card usage (transactions made) is recorded automatically in the operator’s billing system.