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Voice-Video Mail System

Voice mailbox profile

PROTEI Voice Mail enables the subscriber to modify his own mailbox settings. Mailbox settings can be modified using an IVR, WAP or WEB interface.


Voice Mail comes with a security system to protect mailboxes from unauthorized access. The subscriber can set his own password for mailbox playback and recording.


PROTEI Voice Mail can deliver notification of new voice messages by email and SMS.

Message playback

The subscriber can listen to messages left in his mailbox:

  • By calling a special number from his own phone
  • By calling from another phone and entering an access code
  • On receipt of the voice message as MMS

Reliability and load balancing

System availability is further guaranteed by network architecture and load balancing - when one module reaches a set threshold, excess load is routed to a free module. Should a module fail, traffic is automatically redistributed among other modules and the failed module can be replaced without any interruption to service.

Horizontal Scalability

System capacity can be increased with no interruption to service flow, allowing seamless expansion to meet growing service demands.

Functionality overview

  • SMPP for requests from SMS/USSD gateway
  • SMS ’voice message delivery report‘
  • Fax forwarding
  • Mailbox access and configuration via IVR, WEB and WAP
  • Network architecture with load balancing
  • IMS compatible
  • SIP support
  • Flexible profile management
  • Embedded CDR
  • Horizontally scalable
  • "One key" direct call back
  • Voice message can be transferred to e-mail or MMS
  • Integration with Missed Call Notification system
  • Powerful security
  • Individual mailbox
  • Access to statistical information
  • G.729 codec for voice transfer to/from IVR