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Virtual Office/MVPN


If all subscriber numbers are busy, the call can be redirected to the systems internal IVR, to an external IVR or to Voice Mail.


Variables such as time of day, day of the week, caller number or number prefix and caller location can all be used as call routing criteria.


PROTEI Virtual Office can route calls to mobile numbers as well as fixed line numbers.

Virtual Home Number

When integrated with a subscriber location system, Virtual Office can provide the highly promising Virtual Home Number service. When the subscriber is in his home cell (at his home address) calls can be routed to his fixed-line home phone number.

Block and allow lists

PROTEI NTS supports individual block and allow lists for each virtual number and for the system as a whole.

Service management

The system lets the subscriber or service administrator manage call routing and processing settings using a web interface or configuration files.


  • PBX-like and FMC services support
  • Self-service Web-based administration toolkit
  • Flexible call routing
  • White and black caller list configuration
  • Cyclical call distribution
  • Statistical information collecting
  • Integration with Voicemail subsystem
  • Web-interface for customer self-service and for system administration
  • Can be connected to mobile operator’s MSC by E1 trunks with signaling SS7/ISUP or SS7/CAP
  • When Camel technology, can be connected to MSC by E1 trunks with CAP signaling