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USSD Server

• Cost-effective solution for adding extra capacity to mobile network

• Easy integration with external applications

PROTEI USSD server exchanges USSD messages between the mobile subscribers and the external applications through GSM networks. With PROTEI USSD server operators is able to provide balance enquiry, voucher activation and other customer care services using the most efficient and convenient way.

PROTEI USSD server supports flexible USSD message routing based on the service keys, message body and source of MSC address with possibility of access policy and bandwidth management for each application individually.

USSD stage I and stage II are supported - that allows creating dialogue USSD services with multilevel USSD-menu. SMPP v3.4 provides fast and easy integration with external content-providers.

PROTEI USSDS has embedded tools for convenient and flexible USSD-menu construction (SMPP-portal software package) and supports open XML and ODBC interfaces for integration with external information systems and databases. On-line charging interface is supported.

Product Advantages:

  • Easy administration
  • Simple integration with external applications
  • Highest standards of reliability
  • Installation requires no changes to existing infrastructure
  • Horizontally scalable
  • Highly flexible
  • Alarm indication
  • USSD phases 1 & 2