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Trunk VoIP Gateway


The architecture of the gateway allows capacity to be changed flexibly, and the range of board types simplifies expansion and modernisation of the system. The hardware structure allows subscriber boards to be replaced without interruption to service.

Signalling converter

The PROTEI platform can convert EDSS-1, SS7, CAS, SIP, H.248/MEGACO and H.323.


PROTEI Trunk VoIP Gateway ITG can route calls, making it an indispensable, multipurpose network element.


Trunk VoIP gateway is designed for use with PROTEI and third-party softswitches and any type of digital exchange.

Basic functions

  • G.729, G.711 voice encoding and compression
  • Conversion of PSTN number to IP address
  • Supports exchange of signalling messages between PSTN exchanges and VoIP network equipment
  • Call routing
  • Can work without gatekeeper
  • Static multiplexing/demultiplexing


  • Ethernet 10/100 BaseT
  • RADIUS support
  • DTMF signal recognition and processing
  • Audio signal generation
  • Authorization (via IVR)
  • Direct call function
  • Facsimile session support


  • Provision of IP telephony services over dedicated data transfer lines
  • Provision of IP telephony services over the Internet
  • Transmission of voice traffic by cross-connection of two gateways

Echo reduction

PROTEI developers have achieved remarkable success in suppressing echo in voice channels, providing maximum voice transmission quality.

Unified maintenance system

Maintenance can be carried out using a number of tools: Telnet/SSH, FTP, graphical web interface and command line interface.


The system is field-proven and has consistently displayed a high level of reliability in working with digital exchanges from various manufacturers. It features failsafe protection in the control, switching, transmission channels and power supply systems.


PROTEI Trunk VoIP Gateway can be deployed in two ways:

  • As a separate unit installed in a rack on the operator’s premises.
  • As an autonomous unit in a vandal-proof casing with its own power supply and emergency notification system. Ideal for installation away from the operator’s premises, such as in a residential building.