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Trunk VoIP Gateway

• PROTEI Trunk VoIP Gateway bridges the gap between old- and new-generation networks.

• Choose the solution with maximum compatibility, reliability and performance – PROTEI Trunk VoIP Gateway.

PROTEI Trunk VoIP Gateway provides a flexible and highly scalable solution for voice and signaling conversion between PSTN and NGN networks.

With the current growth in demand for NGN services and the expansion of NGN networks, the need for inter-network gateways is increasing rapidly.

PROTEI Trunk VoIP Gateway erases the borders between networks, allowing operators to create a seamless environment for their subscribers.

Product Advantages:

  • Flexible call routing
  • Compatibility with third-party equipment
  • Codec support for G711, G723.1, G726, G729
  • Maintenance via SSH, CLI, Web interface, SNMP
  • Supports EDSS-1, SS7, R2, SIP, H.248/MEGACO, H.323 and SIGTRAN signaling protocols
  • Massive scalability
  • Superb reliability
  • CDR capability
  • Cost effective