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Televoting System


PROTEI Televoting System automatically checks the source number of incoming calls and monitors call duration for billing of premium services and, where necessary, to exclude repeat calls.

Statistics recording

Gathers statistics on the number of calls made to each of the specified numbers.


Can run multiple polls simultaneously.

Poll scheduling

Beginning and end of polling can be set for each client. Poll lifetime can also be set to a limited number of responses.

Data storage

All gathered information is automatically archived at the end of the poll. Poll data can be stored internally within the system and also in an external database.

Access to results

Clients can access poll information via a web page or ODBC. Information is displayed in tabular or graphical form and is updated dynamically.


  • Automatic receipt and registration of calls - records time of call and the caller’s number
  • Records subscriber’s reply
  • Supports several simultaneous polls
  • Can be set up as a distributed system
  • Access to poll results using Java (also via Internet) - results can be displayed as a dynamically self-updating graphic through the course of the poll
  • Assign schedules to polls
  • System can be set to record data within a specified time period, or up to a specific number of responses
  • Poll reports generation

System Administration

  • Review list of clients (name, description, identifier, creator, date & time of creation, status)
  • Create client for televoting system
  • Block client from system to prevent deliberate casting of false votes
  • Unblock client from system for resumption of voting
  • Delete client from televoting system
  • Review poll list parameters (poll name, user name, date & time created, status)
  • Review answer options
  • Create/delete answer options
  • Disable answer option to exclude it from a given version of a poll
  • Re-enable answer option
  • Create/delete poll
  • Disable/enable poll
  • Create service access number
  • Configure service access numbers