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Steering Platform

• Fully compliant with applicable ETSI standards and GSMA regulations

• Flexible network selection management

PROTEI Steering Platform is field proven and fully functional roaming management solution intended for optimizing roaming cooperation between operators. The system allows powerful and flexible network selection management for outbound roamers to stimulate ‘right’ roaming network choice for subscribers (Steering of Roaming concept).

Registration procedure control for outbound roamers is performed in full accordance with IR-73 regulation, issued by the GSM Association. Flexible roaming steering policies allow efficient influencing to roaming partners with a view to optimizing roaming agreements and providing the required quality of service.

In addition to traditional steering functionality powerful profile management functionality is supported by the system as well. Statistical subsystem accumulates all information related to roamers’ behavior and makes possible detailed and efficient analysis of this information together with roaming traffic structure using appropriate reporting tools.

Key Benefits

  • Flexible network selection management in real-time mode
  • Steering procedure may be based on several network selection criteria like number of unique IMSIs registered in particular network, network priorities etc
  • Effective roaming traffic structure analysis
  • Compatibility with any external SIM-based roaming management systems
  • Subscriber profile modification functionality
  • Efficient roaming traffic analysis tools with convenient WEB-based reporting framework
  • API for integration with external platforms (Bon Voyage SMS, Anti-Fraud etc)
  • High throughput, horizontal scaling