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SoftSwitch class 5


  • Basic connections establishing
  • Call routing
  • Load distribution
  • Audio signal generation
  • INAP (intelligent services)
  • CDR
  • Lawful intercept
  • Session Border Controller (SBC) functions
  • RTP proxying
  • Alarm
  • Redundant critical components
  • DTMF receipt (Inband, Outband)


PROTEI Softswitch class 5 allows operators to provide their subscribers with a wide range of additional Centrex services and various special services. PROTEI Softswitch controls subscriber privileges for access to additional services.

Audio signal generation

PROTEI Softswitch class 5 can generate various audio signals such as dial tone, ‘ringing’, line busy and others, and can also play voice prompts. Audio signals can be changed or modified by the operator.

SBC mode

PROTEI Softswitch class 5 can work as a Session Border Controller, with functions for bandwidth control and limiting the number of simultaneously connected calls. The system can also prioritize traffic.


PROTEI Softswitch class 5 stores data about calls made and services ordered. These records can be used by billing systems for calculating the cost of calls, and also for statistics generation.


PROTEI Softswitch class 5 is compatible with PROTEI softswitches classes 4 and 5, as well as with any third-party softswiches, and is also compatible with the PROTEI Intelligent Platform.

Emergency alert

The emergency alert system allows the status of both the Softswitch and equipment connected to it to be viewed in real time, allowing the operator to significantly cut time spent on fault fixing.

Unified maintenance system

System maintenance can be carried out using various tools: Telnet/SSH, FTP, graphical web interface and command line interface.